Clients of Boller and Chivens

Below is a list of clients who used a variety of Boller and Chivens products. Click on a link to learn more about specific products.
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 Clients Products
 Aerospace Corporation24 Inch Telescope
6 Inch Equatorial Mount
Anglo-Australian Telescope, AustraliaCassegrain Spectrograph
PDS Microdensitometer
Astronomical Observatory of Brera, Milan, ItalyCassegrain Spectrograph
Astronomical Observatory of Padua, ItalyCassegrain Spectrograph
Autonetics Division of North American Aviation16 Inch Equatorial Mount
Berea College, Berea, Kentucky16 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
Burke-Baker Planetarium16 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
Carnegie Institution of Washington, Las Campanas Observatory, Chile100 Inch Telescope
40 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
Spectrograph for 100 Inch Telescope
Carter Observatory, New Zealand16 Inch Telescope
Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory36 Inch Telescope
Two Cassegrain Spectrographs
Coudé Spectrograph
Prime Focus Cage for 150 Inch Telescope
Drives for 60 Inch Telescope
16 Inch Telescope Mount
Connecticut Wesleyan University24 Inch Telescope
Dames and Moore, Inc.Soil Testing Equipment
Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Canada16 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
European Southern Observatory, Chile24 Inch Telescope
Cassegrain Spectrograph
Fairchild CorporationStereo Plotter
Hale ObservatoriesVacuum Solar Telescope
Solar Spectrograph
Harvard Observatory, Harvard UniversityCassegrain Spectrograph
16 Inch Cassegrain Telescope (moved)
Helipot CompanyCoil Winding Machine
High Altitude ObservatorySolar Coelostat
Eclipse Spectrograph
Vacuum Solar Telescope
Jet Propulsion LaboratorySchlieren Viewing System for Wind Tunnel
Wind Tunnel Hydraulic Beam Balance System
Kapteyn Observatory, The NetherlandsCassegrain Spectrograph
Kitt Peak National Observatory, Tucson, ArizonaTwo 16 Inch Cassegrain Telescopes
Two 36 Inch Cassegrain Telescopes
Prime Focus Cage for 150 Inch Telescope
Two Auxililary Heliostats for Solar Telescope
Coudé Spectrograph for 84 Inch Telescope
Stellar Cassegrain Spectrograph
52 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
PDS Microdensitometer
Korean Ministry of Science and Technology, Korea24 Inch Telescope
Lick Observatory, University of California24 Inch Telescope
Right Ascension and Declination Slow-motion Drives for 120 Inch Telescope
Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona24 Inch Telescope
PDS Microdensitometer
Lockheed Solar ObservatoryPDS Microdensitometer
Max Planck Institute for AstronomyTwo Cassegrain Spectrographs
Coudé Spectrograph
Marseilles Observatory, FrancePDS Microdensitometer
Massachusetts Institute of Techology, Lincoln LaboratoryTwo 31 Inch Cassegrain Telescopes
Two 14 Inch Schmidt Telescopes
McDonald Observatory, University of Texas30 Inch Telescope
36 Inch Telescope
Coudé Spectrograph for 108 Inch Telescope
Lunar Laser Ranging System
PDS Microdensitometer
Mees Observatory, University of Rochester24 Inch Telescope
Michigan State University24 Inch Telescope
Mount Stromlo and Siding Spring Observatory, Australia16 Inch Telescope
24 Inch Telescope
40 Inch Cassegrain/Coudé Telescope
Drives for 30 Inch Telescope
Two Stellar Cassegrain Spectrographs
Two Offset Guiders
Photoelectric Guider
Naples Observatory, ItalyPDS Microdensitometer
National Observatory of Brazil1.6 Meter Telescope
Coudé Spectrograph
PDS Microdensitometer
New Mexico State University24 Inch Telescope
Offset Guider
Cassegraph Spectrographs
Nice Observatory, ItalyPDS Microdensitometer
North Georgia College16 Inch Telescope
Northwestern University40 Inch Cassegrain/Coudé Telescope
16 Inch Cassegrain Telescope

Modified 1898 Warner Swasey 16 Inch Telescope
Perkins ObservatoryDrives for 72 Inch Telescope
Primary Mirror Cell for 72 Inch Telescope
Cassegrain Spectrographs
Offset Guider
Perkin, Richard (personal home)24 Inch Telescope
Pine Bluff Observatory, University of Wisconsin16 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
Large Spectrograph
Princeton University36 Inch Telescope
Republic Observatory, South Africa20 Inch Telescope
Royal Greenwich Observatory, EnglandPDS Microdensitometer
Sacramento Peak Observatory, Sunspot, New Mexico12 Foot Equatorial Spar for Solar Telescope
Spar Extension and Lens Interchange System for 26 Foot Solar Spar
Solar Spectrograph
Flare Spectrograph
Eclipse Spectrograph
San Diego State College16 Inch Telescope
Schlumberger Well Service CompanyOil Well Sampling Equipment
Smithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryTwelve Baker Nunn, 20 Inch Aperature f/1 Schmidt Cameras
State University of New York16 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
Stockholm ObservatoryCassegrain Spectrograph
Tel Aviv University, Israel40 Inch Telescope
Cassegrain Spectrograph
University of Arizona90 Inch Telescope
Cassegrain Spectrograph
Offset Guider
Photoelectric Guider
University of Bologna, ItalyCassegrain Spectrograph
University of Bonn, Germany24 Inch Telescope
PDS Microdensitometer
University of California, Berkeley PDS Microdensitometer
University of California, Los Angeles16 Inch Telescope
Drives for a 24 Inch Telescope
University of California, San DiegoCassegrain Spectrograph
University of Canterbury, New Zealand24 Inch Telescope
University of ColoradoCassegrain Spectrograph
24 Inch Telescope
University of FloridaCassegrain Spectrograph
University of Hawaii12 Foot Equatorial Spar
88 Inch Cassegrain/Coudé Telescope
Solar Spectrograph
Coronagraph Telescope
Eclipse Spectrograph
University of Iowa24 Inch Telescope
University of La Plata, Argentina87 Inch Telescope
University of MassachusettsCassegrain Spectrograph
University of Montana, Blue Mountain Observatory16 Inch Telescope
University of Montréal, Quebec, Canada62 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
University of Nebraska30 Inch Telescope
Cassegrain Spectrograph
University of New Mexico24 Inch Telescope
University of North Carolina24 Inch Telescope
Cassegrain Spectrograph
University of Oregon24 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
Cassegrain Spectrograph
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil24 Inch Telescope
University of South FloridaCassegrain Spectrograph
University of Toronto, Canada16 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
PDS Microdensitometer
University of Vienna Observatory, AustriaCassegrain Spectrograph
PDS Microdensitometer
University of Washington16 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
30 Cassegrain/Coudé Telescope
University of Western Ontario, Canada48 Inch Cassegrain/Coudé Telescope
Cassegrain Camera
Offset Guider
Yale University40 Inch Cassegrain/Coudé Telescope (now at Cerro Tololo)
Yerkes Observatory, University of Chicago24 Inch Cassegrain Telescope with rotatable tube
United States Air ForceFive custom Baker-Nunn, 20 Inch Aperature f/1 Schmidt Cameras
Two 24 Inch Cassegrain/Newtonian Telescopes
Aerial Mapping Camera Calibrator
Multi-collimator Camera Resolution Tester
United States Air Force (ARPA)60 Inch Cassegrain Optics, Test Flat and Mirror Cells
Two 48 Inch Primary Mirror Cells
United States Armed ForcesBaker Nunn Missile Reentry Tracking Camera
United States Army Map Service16 Inch Telescope
U.S. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center16 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
16 Inch Equatorial Mount
16 Inch Casegrain Telescope Tube
Two 20 Inch Cassegrain Telescope Tubes
36 Inch Cassegrain/Coudé Telescope
Cassegrain Spectrograph
U.S. NASA Johnson Space CenterSpace Orbiting Sky Laboratory – Articulated Mirror and Camera System with Airlock
Baker-Nunn Slit-less Spectrograph
U.S. NASA Langley Field16 Inch Telescope Mount
U.S. NASA Marshall Space Flight CenterX-Ray Telescope Test Bed
U.S. Naval Observatory, Flagstaff Station61 Inch Astronomical Telescope and associated instruments (manufactured as a joint venture with L&F Company)
Camera for taking Multiple Exposure Plates
Two Automatic Photoelectric Guiders
Cassegrain Spectrograph
Offset Guider Assembly
Drives for 40 Inch Telescope
U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C.24 Inch Cassegrain Telescope
650mm f/20 Photographic Zenith Tube
Twin Astrograph
Cassegrain Spectrograph
6-Inch Warner & Swasey Meridian Circle
Westinghouse Research LaboratoryMach-Zehnder Interferometer