Big Bear Solar Observatory

Marv Heilig and Larry Steimle at Costa Mesa testing the Vacuum Solar Telescope

8 inch vacuum solar telescope mounted on main telescope tube.  It had a special Hydrogen Alpha filter and an automatic 35mm film camera for taking Sun photos to use in a space simulator for astronauts.

Haley Mogey made the 8 inch single element lens.  It was a Hydrogen Alpha line telescope (one wavelength), so it didn’t need more than one element.

One Response to Big Bear Solar Observatory
  1. John Varsik

    Thanks for posting these images. It turns out that pictures from the early (1969-1972) period at Big Bear are hard to find. This telescope is no longer with us, but it has been replaced by another H-alpha patrol telescope. I came to work at Big Bear in 1988 and we always called this telescope the “Singer-Link” telescope. I didn’t realize it was built by Boller and Chivens.