16 Inch (.41 meter) Telescope for University of Montana’s Blue Mountain Observatory

Built in 1970 the Blue Mountain Observatory houses a 16″ Boller and Chivens f/18 Cassegrain telescope on a permanent, equatorial mount inside an Ash Dome. Electrical power is supplied by a generator housed in a separate building.

24-Inch (.61 meter) Telescope Specifications

Model of a 24-Inch Telescope

1/10 scale model of a Boller and Chivens 24-inch telescope
made by Boller and Chivens welder Ray Lamarr

36 Inch (.9 meter) Telescopes for Kitt Peak

Photos from NOAO/AURA

East Auxiliary and West Auxiliary Telescopes were made to complement the McMath-Pierce telescope. The East and West Auxiliaries have their own optical ports in the ceiling of the McMP Observing room so that their images can feed independent instruments in the observing room. All three of the McMP telescopes can be used fully independently of one another. To read more about these telescopes, visit this page about the History of the McMath-Pierce telescope.


The plaque from the base of the 36 Inch telescope

36 Inch (.91 meter) Telescope for University of Texas, McDonald Observatory

This telescope is currently used for public education programs at the McDonald Observatory. For more information about this telescope, visit the McDonald Observatory website.

36 Inch (.91 meter) Telescope at George Observatory, Houston, Texas

Photo from Houston Museum of Natural Sciences

The Houston Museum of Natural Sciences’ George Observatory has a 36 Inch Boller and Chivens and the museum says that it is the largest telescope available for public viewing.

24 Inch (.61 meter) Telescope for the University of Colorado

This 24 Inch Boller and Chivens telescope is located at the Sommers Bausch Observatory, University of Colorado, Boulder.

24-Inch (.61 meter) Telescope Specifications

16 Inch (.41 meter) Telescope for University of Washington Observatory

The University of Washington website lists a 16 inch telescope but does not have any photos or extra information about this telescope.

16 Inch (.41 meter) Telescope for University of Toronto, Canada

The University of Toronto’s David Dunlap Observatory is currently undergoing renovation and so current listings of their telescopes are unavailable.

16 Inch (.41 meter) Telescope for University of California, Los Angeles

Photo from UCLA website.

This telescope is currently inoperable due to an unstable mount. Visit the UCLA telescope webpage for more information.