Specialty Instruments

Boller and Chivens designed, manufactured, and often also installed a variety of high precision optical and mechanical devices.
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6-Inch Warner & Swasey Meridian Circle, U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C.
Aerial Mapping Camera Calibrator for Hill Air Force Base
Automated Immunoelectrophoresis Machine

Ballistic Camera for Missile Tracking, U.S. Army Engineers
Calibration Instrument for Wind Tunnel Strain Gage Devices NACA at Moffat Field, CA
Camera with Dual Offset Guider
Coil Winding Machine for Helipot
Facet Eye Camera for Missile Tracking for U.S. Army Engineers
Glass Photo Plate Assembly
High Resolution Camera
LSO Landing Aid for the USS Ticonderoga as well as all other USN Aircraft Carriers
Mach-Zehnder Interferometer for Westinghouse Research Labratory

Motion Picture Editing Machine for Westrex
Multiband Camera for the U.S. Army
Multi-collimator Camera Resolution Tester for Hill Air Force Base

Near Infra-red Mapping Spectrometer
Offset Guider
Oil Sampling Test Assembly
Optical Test Assembly
Optical Testing Bench
Pass-point Measuring Instrument
Plating Machine
Photographic Zenith Tube
Remote Weather Station Air Anemometer
Schlieren Viewing System for Wind Tunnel, Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA
Soil Testing Machines for Dames and Moore, Inc.
Spectra Comparator
Spectrograph for Skylab U.S.A. Orbiting Satellite
Spectroheliograph for a 60-Inch U.S. Naval Observatory Telescope
Stereo Plotter for Fairchild Corporation
Test Platform for Forward Looking Radar Devices

Three Axis Positioning Machine
U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington DC
Wind Tunnel Hydraulic Force Beam Balances for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA
X-ray Test Facility NASA – Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL