Wind Tunnel Hydraulic Force Beam Balances for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

Designed and installed by Boller and Chivens for the 20-inch supersonic wind tunnel.

These balances are fully automatic in operation and read out hydraulic pressures to an accuracy of 0.1%
Six outputs of wind tunnel hydraulic pressures are interfaced with the six Boller and Chivens Beam Balance instruments. These hydraulic pressures are all applied simultaneously to the Beam Balance instruments. The pressures and moments are then monitored in the panels above the Beam Balances.
The pressure loads to be identified are Normal, Side, and Axial forces and moment loads of Pitch, Yaw, and Roll.

Other wind tunnel operational gauges and control panels are shown in this photo.

Photo is detail of one of the wind tunnel’s force indicating Beam Balances.