LSO Landing Aid for U.S. Navy Carriers Aircraft

Boller and Chivens was designated as the repair depot for the Boller and Chivens USN Tele-relay optical system.
An LSO Landing Aid television camera is mounted under the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Projecting down from the flight deck into the television camera is a Boller and Chivens Tela-relay optical system which would observe all aircraft landings on the carriers flight deck.
The tele-relay optical system is coupled to a TV camera. They are installed such that the optical flat extended just above the carriers flight deck surface looking forward to monitor aircraft landings.
A protective cap with a front-facing window covers the flat mirror protecting it from flight deck traffic.
This device augments the flight landing signal personnel that was instructing the pilot’s condition of the incoming aircrafts landing.
The TV’s video image of the landing would be transmitted to the pilot as well as many surveillances points aboard the aircraft carrier documenting every aircrafts landing.