24 Inch (.61 meter) Telescope for University of Oregon, 1967

Shown: Don Daniel, Lead Assembly Technician, Boller and Chivens; E.G. Ebbinghausen, University of Oregon; Bob Poindexter, Director of Engineering, Boller and Chivens; Don Winans, Assembly Supervisor, Boller and Chivens

Mounted to the telescope’s tube, a Boller and Chivens 6 inch finder telescope.
Mounted to the telescope’s mirror is a Boller and Chivens “X” and “Y” positioning prime focus guiding eye-piece assembly with slide-in 4″ by 5″ glass film plate holders and slide-in filter plate holders.This telescope is located at the Pine Mountain Observatory and has been reconfigured by DFM Engineering. To read about the updates, visit the DFM Engineering website.

24-Inch (.61 meter) Telescope Specifications

One Response to 24 Inch (.61 meter) Telescope for University of Oregon, 1967
  1. Richard Berry

    The drive electronics on that telescope were replaced about two years ago (in 2009, I think). The telescope is now controlled by a Sidereal Technologies controller. This provides computer-controlled tracking and create a pointing model for the entire sky.
    Dan Gray (grayarea@siderealtechnology.com) can provide details.
    Current information should be available from Mark Dunaway (markpmo@uoregon.edu).