From Harvard to Washington, D.C.

The 16 -inch telescope was originally installed at Harvard University. In 2009, the telescope was relocated to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

A blog about the project of relocating this 16 inch Boller and Chivens telescope from Harvard University to the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. is here.

A YouTube Video showing the removal of this telescope from Harvard.

5 Responses to From Harvard to Washington, D.C.
  1. David DeVorkin

    The B&C telescope is on loan from Harvard, in a temporary facility. We have a popular program going, and are trying to convert it to permanent status.

    • admin

      Thank you so much for sending me the correction and more information about the 16 Inch telescope. The Boller and Chivens website is a work in progress and we are relying on comments to help round out the information.

  2. Loren Spencer

    Boller & Chivens 16 inch telescope in Missoula also

    You have a beauty there. We (University of Montana) have one also, on top of Blue Mountain outside Missoula. We hold several public open houses each summer. I like to think we have influenced a few young minds to consider science. The next time I am in D.C., I will be sure to drop by. If any of you are in Missoula…

  3. Alan Rohwer

    Nice to see this telescope found a good home. Our Boy Scout troop from the neighboring town of Boxborough had an introductory viewing session at the now closed Oak Ridge/Agassiz Station. I also had friends over the year that worked there.

  4. Phillip Rulon

    I used this instrument for education and research when it was in New England for a number of years. I remember it for its superior tracking. It could follow an object for quite a long time with impressive precision. Many people had their first glimpse of M13 or the Ring Nebula with this scope. I was involved in a proposal to use it for an exoplanet transit project shortly before Oak Ridge was wound down. A fine instrument remembered fondly.