Spectrograph for 100 Inch Telescope for Carnegie Institute, Las Campanas Observatory, Chile

Boller and Chivens entered into a joint venture contract with L and F Industries to fabricate and complete the assembly of the 2.54 meter (100-inch) Irénée du Pont Telescope at the Las Campanas Observatory, Chile. Boller and Chivens also designed and manufactured a Spectrograph for this observatory to be used with the 100 Inch telescope.

The B & C spectrograph uses a Marconi CCD mated to a Bowen Schmidt camera as the detector. When used with the 600 line/mm grating the dispersion is 1.5 Å/pixel with a wavelength coverage of 3100 Å. The spatial scale on the du Pont Telescope is 0.70 arcsec/pixel, and the maximum slit length 271 arcsec.

For more information about the support equipment on the 100 Inch telescope including the manual for this Spectrograph, visit http://www.lco.cl/telescopes-information/irenee-du-pont/telescopes-information/irenee-du-pont/instruments/