Boller and Chivens – “Where Precision is a Way of Life”

This site is a compilation of photos and text about Boller and Chivens.
Boller and Chivens manufactured high quality professional astronomical telescopes
and other optical and mechanical instruments.
Many photos on this site can be enlarged.
For more information about viewing photos, visit the Enlargement of Photographs Page.

This is a project by Mr. Winans who worked for Boller and Chivens for 43 years.
He wishes to acknowledge those who assisted in this project.
Click link to view the Acknowledgments page.

3 Responses to               Boller and Chivens – “Where Precision is a Way of Life”
  1. Haritina Mogosanu Reply

    I am the science curator at Space Place at Carter Observatory and we want to start using our telescope again. I have been wondering if there is any chance you could point me towards someone who has the manuals – or knows about it. People who used to operate it no longer work here so any help would be really appreciated. Mostly interested on how to setup the telescope’s clock.

    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you


    • cinda webb Reply

      I am so sorry this took me so long to get back to you. As you know, Boller and Chivens has been out of business for many year. The gentleman who asked me to create this site does not have any of the manuals for the telescopes. I suggest you contact some of the other institutions who have 16 inch telescopes. The ones I am aware of are listed on the telescope page:
      The Harvard telescope was moved to the Smithsonian and they might be a good resource as they are probably using it in a similar way to what you would like to do.
      Hope you will be able to find what you need,

  2. Michael Long Reply

    Whitin Observatory at Wellesley University seems to have a 24-inch Boller and Chivens telescope, built in 1966 that is not on your list. It was a gift from Mrs. Margaret Sawyer. Do you have any information on it?

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