Proposal Renderings by John Demaree



Rendering by John Demaree, Boller and Chivens Proposal Design Artist
for 62-Inch (1.6 meter) for National Observatory of Brazil

A proposed orbiting “Deep U.V. Survey” for the University of Texas

Vertical Coudé Spectrograph Proposal for Max Planck Observatory

Concept Renderings for 36 inch and larger Fork Mount telescopes by Boller and Chivens







Multi-collimator Camera Resolution Tester for Hill Air Force Base

2 Responses to Proposal Renderings by John Demaree
  1. John Jarosz

    Very nice website, but I can’t find any way to ask a general question, or make a general comment.

    Do you have any of the detailed optical specifications, especially for the 24 inch version? I’m looking for numbers that would have been generated during the optical design.


  2. Robert Miller

    Mr. Jarosz,

    Here at Michigan State University, we have a Boller and Chivens 24-inch telescope and perhaps I can tell you a bit about the optical design, although the MSU telescope is equipped with three different focal ratios: f/8, f/13.5 and f/34.6 (coude). The primary mirror is f/3 and the optics are Ritchey-Chretien and we have a single element quartz field flattener for the 4×5 camera for use at f/8. The telescope was installed in February,1970, just as I began my graduate studies there. If I can provide additional infomation, please contact me at: