Vertical Spectrograph for Max Planck Observatory, Spain

Cross section drawing of Max Planck Observatory dome. The vertical spectrograph is shown on the left side, standing more than three stories tall.
The Vertical Spectrograph was designed, manufactured, and installed by Boller and Chivens.
The Boller and Chivens assembly crew at Max Planck Observatory was Dick Nason, Ron Plate, and Larry Steimle.

Proposal Rendering by John Demaree

This long steel covered container houses the main assemblies for the 2.2-meter telescope Coudé spectrograph. For assembly at Boller and Chivens, the equipment was laying down horizontal. When installed at the telescope site it was to be raised up vertically with this end upright.
This end shows the grating mount assembly with the mechanism for tilting the grating.
The openings in the housing provide access to the two Schmidt cameras and a corrector lens. The f/2.5 camera nearest to the grating does require a corrector lens. The f/7camera farther down in the housing does not require a corrector lens.
Other openings provide access service to the curved focal plane cameras.

Loren Sample of Boller and Chivens pictured

Ed Fengler of Boller and Chivens, Assembly Journeyman, handling a large optical grating

Ed Fengler of Boller and Chivens, Assembly Journeyman, assembling Spectrograph parts

Ron Plate of Boller and Chivens on left during installation of Coudé Spectrograph.
Tube in foreground on right houses the passing Coudé focal beam.

Tube shown at left houses the Coudé focal beam.

2.2-Meter Coudé Spectrograph Console by Boller and Chivens

Max Planck 2.2 Meter Telescope dome

Max Planck observer apartments

Max Planck offices