24 Inch (.61 meter) Telescope for University of California Lick Observatory

Bob Poindexter, the Boller and Chivens director of engineering

This telescope is no longer in use at the Lick Observatory. The Lick website states, “24-inch Photometric Telescope: This telescope appears to have been built between 1955 and 1961. It was a Boller and Chivens. In early 1995 it was dismantled and replaced by the KAIT.”

A recent comment left on this site has updated information about the location of this telescope: Hye-Sook Park at Livermore Lab was looking for a suitable scope for an experiment.  She refurbished it and sent it to Kitt Peak as Super-LOTIS. Here is the only live link I could find on the web:

24-Inch (.61 meter) Telescope Specifications