Observing Building

The Observing Building telescope assembly area has a rolling roof that can be fully opened to observe the night sky.

Located in the far background is a 16-inch telescope for the University of Montana telescope. It is mounted to a special base made at the South Pasadena latitude angle and ready for acceptance testing. Observing real celestial stars with the telescope will check tracking accuracy of its right ascension drive system.

In front of the 16-inch telescope is a 30-inch telescope polar axle housing for the University of Texas with its RA and Dec drives installed. Included are the tube saddle, declination axle, and declination drive complete with all wiring installed.

This telescope is also ready for final assembly when the testing base is available. The telescope tube with optics will then be installed for the final testing.

To the right of the two telescopes is one of their bases with the correct latitude angle
On top of the two cabinets at the rear wall are two finished 16-inch telescope tubes.
Moving forward on the right are finished weldments for the Kitt Peak Solar Observatory twin Heliostats.