24 Inch (.61 meter) Telescope for University of Iowa

This Boller and Chivens telescope was originally purchased by the University of Iowa but has been relocated to the Cedar Amateur Astronomers location. In 2003, the Cedar Amateur Astronomers were the recipient of a gracious donation from the University of Iowa of a rare and valuable cassegrain telescope made by the Boller & Chivens division of Perkin-Elmer Corp. The research-quality telescope has a 24-inch mirror, and upon installation in a new location will have an estimated value over $250,000. Visit the Cedar Amateur Astronomers site for more information.

The massive 2,000 lbs steel base of the 24-inch Boller & Chivens telescope was installed in the 20’ automated Ash dome. The telescope steel base plate was set down perfectly on the concrete pier’s three one-inch diameter bolts. The conical 42° angled polar axis assembly (over 1,500 lbs) aligning it to the north celestial pole was then set on the base plate. Installation of the telescope tube, the secondary mirror assembly and the primary mirror cell containing the primary mirror completed the installation of the telescope.

24-Inch (.61 meter) Telescope Specifications