Manufacturing Facilities – Main Telescope Assembly Area

John James Drilling holes in the skirt of a 24 Inch Polar Axle Housing

Telescope Electrical cabinets being wired. Two Telescope control stations in the background.

Progressing down the right wall: a 24 Inch polar axle housing being assembled on stand, A 40 Inch polar axle housing on a skid, to the right of the 40 Inch axle is the 40 Inch RA counterweight torque tube. Behind the 40 Inch polar axle is John James drilling holes in the 40 Inch mirror cell with the 40 Inch base weldment behind him. On the far wall are more parts for the Kitt Peak Heliostats.

A completed 16 Inch telescope ready for acceptance testing in the far background. A 16 Inch base to its right. Moving forward on the right are finished weldments for the Kitt Peak Solar Observatory twin Heliostats.
In front of the completed 16 Inch telescope is a completed 30 Inch polar axle assembly that includes the tube saddle, declination axle, and declination drive complete with instrument wiring.

Ron Plate with Dick Nason assembling a mirror cell on a 40 Inch telescope in the #2 assembly pit. The telescope will be optically tested using a ceiling opening.

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