12 Foot Solar Spar, October 1965

In 1965, Joe Nunn Associates designed this Solar Spar and Boller and Chivens manufactured and installed the 12-foot octagon sided Solar Spar. Don Winans and Earl Sanford of Boller and Chivens installed the Solar Spar on Haleakala Peak, Island of Maui, Hawaii. The Spar was at that time the first astronomical instrument installed on Haleakala.
The Spar was able to be driven in both Right Ascension and limited Declination angles.
The Spar could be driven to any selected study area on the sun. Any instrument designed for solar astronomy could be mounted on any of any of the faceted surfaces for solar activity studies.

Visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haleakal%C4%81#Astrophysical_research for more information.

Optical Testing Equatorial Mount

A basic Boller and Chivens 16 inch telescope with Right Ascension and Declination drives.
A horseshoe mounting platform replaces the telescope tube.
Any type sky-observing device can be mounted on the platform.
The mount then is driven to any previously determined object with the mount’s paddle control.
The mount is equipped with a Boller and Chivens 4 inch finder telescope and a Boller and Chivens 4 inch guide telescope.