16 Inch (.41 meter) Telescope for San Diego State University

San Diego State University runs the Mount Laguna Observatory that housed a 16 Inch Boller and Chivens telescope that has now been replaced. The Boller and Chivens telescope is in storage at the observatory and they hope to install it at the main campus someday as an outreach project.
Below are some pictures of the original Boller and Chivens 16 inch telescope being installed. Photos courtesy of Paul B. Etzel, Ph.D., Director, Mount Laguna Observatory
Professor Emeritus of Astronomy, SDSU

The two pictures below are from the temporary site on Monument Peak about 3 miles from present/permanent site.

16 Inch (.41 meter) Telescope for Pine Bluff Observatory, University of Wisconsin

Built in 1958 and located about 15 miles west of Madison, the Pine Bluff Observatory is used by students and faculty of the University of Wisconsin for teaching and research in astronomy and provides a facility for testing new instruments.

16 Inch (.41 meter) Telescope for North Georgia College

The North Georgia Astronomical Observatory features two radio telescopes and a 16-inch Cassegrain focus telescope. Standing underneath the Cassegrain telescope above, from left, are physics students Sam Thomas, Kate Martin, and Kyle Newman; associate physics professor Dr. Joseph Jones; and volunteer Jim Wyrosdick, a North Georgia staff member.
Photo and caption are from http://www.northgeorgia.edu/NorthGeorgiaNews/articles.aspx?id=4294976350

16 Inch (.41 meter) Telescope for Mount Stromlo & Siding Spring Observatories, Australia

Photos from RSSA ANU and used with permission

In the early 1960s, the Australian National University established a new astronomical site at Siding Spring in central New South Wales, partly in the expectation that it would provide somewhat clearer skies than those at Mount Stromlo, and partly to escape the increasing light pollution of the growing Canberra. The selection of Siding Spring followed an extensive site-testing programmer organized by the then Director, Bart Bok. The new site was instrumented with three reflectors of modest size, all made by Boller & Chivens. The 40-inch is the larger of these, the other two being a 24-inch and a 16-inch. It has proved to be a useful instrument especially for photometric and imaging work.


16 Inch (.41 meter) Telescope for Carter Observatory, New Zealand

Photos above and below by Mozasaur via Wikipedia

The Ruth Crisp Telescope, a research-grade 41-cm (16-inch) Cassegrain reflector made by Boller and Chivens came to the observatory in the 1960s thanks to a donation by the New Zealand writer and philanthropist Ruth Crisp. Once used for research at the Carter Observatory’s outstation at Black Birch, in the South Island of New Zealand, it later moved to the main premises in Wellington.

16 Inch (.41 meter) Telescope for Berea College, Kentucky

This observatory is part of the Berea College science experience. Equipment is a 16′ Boller & Chivens Cassegrain telescope installed 1972 and retrofitted to GOTO mode in February 2006.This telescope was refurbished by DFM Engineering. Visit the DFM website to learn about the Retrofit of the Boller and Chivens 16 Inch Telescope.

20 Inch (.51 Meters) Telescope for Republic Observatory, South Africa

The 20 Inch Boller and Chivens telescope is housed in the dome on the far right.

The Republic Observatory is now called South African Astronomical Observatory as the original Republic Observatory, along with several other South African observatories, was closed due to light pollution. Visit the South African Astronomical Observatory website, for more information on their 20 Inch Boller and Chivens telescope.

24 Inch (.61 meter) Telescope for the United States Air Force Academy

In 1978, a 61-cm Boller and Chivens Cassegrain telescope was donated to the Academy. This telescope was purchased by the Air Force in 1965 and used at the Cambridge Research Lab, Hanscom Air Force Base in Boston, Massachusetts until 1977.

For more information about this telescope and the Air Force Academy program, visit the Air Force Academy official website.

24-Inch (.61 meter) Telescope Specifications

24 Inch (.61 meter) Telescope for University of Sao Paolo, Brazil

The University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, uses the Pico Dos Dias Observatory in Brazil for its astronomy program.

24-Inch (.61 meter) Telescope Specifications

24 Inch (.61 meter) Telescope for University of North Carolina Observatory

Morehead Observatory, located on the east end of the top floor of the Morehead building, houses a 24-inch (61 cm) Perkin-Elmer reflecting telescope operated by the UNC Physics and Astronomy Department. Faint object observing is still possible with narrow wavelength filters to block the city lights of Chapel Hill. The observatory supports research programs in bright star spectroscopy and optical counterparts of Gamma Ray Bursts.

The official website for Morehead Observatory is here.

24-Inch (.61 meter) Telescope Specifications