Acquisition by Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer purchased Boller and Chivens in 1965. It was now known as Boller and Chivens Division of Perkin Elmer.

Soon after the acquisition of Boller and Chivens by Perkin Elmer a fourth building was purchased to house the additional Executive Staff to operate the expanded division. Boller and Chivens Division was now located on the four corners of Meridian Ave. and El Centro St. It was a very busy place with several large telescope projects under-way in their assembly area.

Telescope Assembly at Boller and Chivens in its Productive Years

Pictured from left to right: John James (inside secondary mirror cage), Clyde Chivens, Hank Brockschmidt, Larry Burris, and Bill DeBoynton (at the 40 Inch right ascension drive)

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