Additional Growth

Boller and Chivens, after several more years of growth, was again required to expand their assembly and electronics areas so they purchased a building across the street at 915 Meridian Avenue and moved their Engineering Department to this new building.

More space was again required  so we expanded the rear of the building to include additional engineering space. Boller and Chivens Program Managerial Staff now moved to the front of the 915 building. When Boller and Chivens acquired the Microdensitometer program, it occupied the rear portion of this building.
An additional building on the Southwest corner of Meridian Avenue and El Centro Street was acquired. This building would house a needed publication and reproduction facility and a newly formed special precision instrument machine shop was added and a large area was acquired for additional special assembly.

At this time Boller and Chivens had the opportunity to purchase outright a company that was producing a large complex electromechanical instrument called a Microdensitometer

A Microdensitometer group was then formed under the umbrella of Boller and Chivens with their own specialized sales, engineering and production of this new product line.

Acquisition of this additional building now gave the added room necessary for this new Microdensitometer group.

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