Projects of the Early Years

Click on any picture to enlarge it and view the details. Due to the low resolution of many of these older photos, they do not enlarge more than once.

Hydraulic Pump Motor Controller Cabinet

Hydraulic Pump Motor Controller designed by Harry Boller, several were manufactured

Controller Inside Assembly Details

Boller and Chivens designed and manufactured the Tridop Recorder

A view inside the Tridop Recorder

Wind Tunnel Strain Gage Balance used to measure force loads

Wind Tunnel Strain Gauge Balance details of internal parts

Wind Tunnel Strain Gauge Balance details of internal parts

A Cancer Research project for a Doctor Livingstone

Details of internal contruction of cancer research project

A cabinet designed for containing a multitude of air pressure sensors

Inside the air pressure sensor cabinet

Air pressure sensor

Knath-A-Scope Device for Orthodontia Jaw Action Studies

Fixture holding a four pen-recording device

Electro/Hydraulic Assembly

Electro/Hydraulic Assembly

Film Camera with Eyepiece

Opposite side of Film Camera with Eyepiece

Optical Assembly with Coolant Fan

Twenty-two Rotating Ratcheting Relay Assembly Left-hand Drawer

Twenty-two Rotating Ratcheting Relay Assembly Right-hand Drawer

Motor Driven Film Editor

Unidentified Rotational Strength Measuring Instrument

Precision Position Measuring Indicator

The following pictures are all of unidentified early projects.