Boller and Chivens in Life Magazine

A copy of the magazine is available on Google Books.

3 Responses to Boller and Chivens in Life Magazine
  1. mike ritter

    I am writing a history about two B & C 24″ telescopes that were installed on the summit of Mauna Kea in 1968 and operated by the University of Hawaii. One was funded by the air force, the other by nasa. Both have now been removed. I am searching for more information and can perhaps also add information to this archive. If this site is still active, I would appreciate opening a correspondence with the administrator. Thank you – Mike Ritter

  2. Robert Miller

    Thanks for this Web site. I have used seven B&C telescopes through the years at Kitt Peak, McDonald and at Michigan State. I can offer photos of many B&C telescopes.
    Re: the post by Mike Ritter, one of the 24-inch telescopes from Mauna Kea is now owned by Peter Mack and that telescope is now at his shop in Tucson, Arizona. I can obtain additional information. Mack refurbished our B&C telescope at Michigan State.

    • Mike Ritter

      Dear Mr. Miller,
      Are you certain the 24-inch at Mr. Mack’s shop in Tucson was previously on Mauna Kea? According to my research, the Air Force 24-inch was dismantled in 2008 and remains in scattered bits and pieces here in Hilo. The other 24 (originally operated by Lowell Observatory) was removed in 1994 and given to Leeward College on Oahu (Leeward is a community college in the University of Hawaii system). –Thanks, Mike Riiter